Mechatronics Engineer – Job Offer

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04/15/2020 NBS Semiconductor

Mechatronics engineer – Job Offer


– Participate in the study of new projects and equipment
– Design mechanical & electrical assemblies
– Carry out mechanical diagrams and plans of assemblies and components
– Create electrical and pneumatic diagrams and nomenclatures for current projects
– Guarantee the validity of the documents of the design office (nomenclatures / diagrams)

The job

– Design and develop in 3D the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic concepts and evolutions of our machines
– Participates in the breakdown of the machine into sets and sub-sets
– Produces detailed nomenclatures for mechanical assemblies
– 2D plan and dimension all mechanical parts appropriately.
– Carries out the overall diagrams and electrical details and the associated nomenclatures.
– Carry out the overall diagrams and pneumatic details and the associated nomenclatures.
– Participate in technical meetings of projects
– Manage the implementation of 2D & 3D electrical and pneumatic components
– Supply and manage the library of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic 3D objects
– Contact suppliers to define the most suitable equipment (cost, time, standardization …) in relation to purchases
– Rationalize the nomenclatures of the different products
– Rigorously maintain the various design files as well as its evolutions (updating of elements in the database, plan indices, etc.)
– Manage obsolescence, search for replacement hardware in collaboration with purchasing and software development
– Make modifications to existing mechanical, electrical and pneumatic plans
– Update the « As Built » files (design review after assembly)
– Bring support to the development of equipment
– Carry out punctual assembly and wiring operations (manufacturing support)
– Intervene on site for support / advice missions
– Complete a monthly timesheet
– Solve software integration issues with the help of technical support
– Tidy up your workspace every weekend